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Achieving optimum health, energy, and vitality requires proper nutrition and lifestyle management. Nutrition and lifestyle counseling are a large part of our treatment plan as we focus on your overall wellness. Wellness isn’t just absence of illness, but feeling better with more energy and excitement for life. 


We take a holistic look at all facets of your life that may impact your health – physical, nutritional, hormonal, genetic, mental, social, emotional and spiritual. We seek to identify and treat dysfunction in your body before disease is fully manifested. We strive to get to the root cause of the problem rather than just treat the symptoms. Our goal is to help you find your optimum health and vitality. 

Not Just More Days—More Good Days

At Integrative Health Specialists, we know that you want to feel and look better with more energy and vitality. We understand how difficult it is to want to take care of yourself and have the best health possible, but the problem is that your body is not balanced or functioning optimally. You want to maintain a healthy weight, but can’t find the motivation. You want to eat healthy, but are overwhelmed with all the different diet plans and gimmicks. 

We know you have questions and you need answers. We take the time to educate patients about treatment options and disease prevention. We want to partner with you, so you can achieve your best health and wellness no matter what your age or stage of life for a happier, healthier, and more youthful you. 

Optimal Health & Function

Prevention of Chronic Disease

Individualized Care

Nutritional Optimization & Weight Loss 

Alternatives to Traditional Pharmaceutical Treatments

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Has traditional medicine left you frustrated, worried, and fearful about your health?

At Integrative Health Specialists we know you want to gain the peace of mind that comes from taking charge of your health and knowing your health and vitality can improve no matter what age. We give individual time and attention to educate you about treatment options and disease prevention, so you can have the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing you are taking control of your healthcare decisions. 
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Feel Better Every Day

Function at a Higher Level

More Energy, Motivation, and Balance

Become a Better Version of Yourself

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At Integrative Health Specialists, we treat patients of all ages from teens to older adults. Our experienced, board-certified doctors and practitioners have over 15 years of experience in multiple aspects of patient care, including Hormone Replacement Therapy, Functional Medicine, Nutrition and Weight Loss, and Aesthetics. We combine the best of traditional medical practice with Functional Medicine to find the root causes of disease and treat through diet, nutrition, supplements, and exercise. 

The Integrative Healthcare Specialists’ Difference

Maybe you’ve noticed that many healthcare providers don’t take the time to really listen. Maybe you have felt rushed in and out—leaving with a prescription to treat the symptoms, but no real answers to your concerns and questions. We believe you get what you pay for with conventional insurance-based medicine. In contrast, we cater to our patients, not to insurance companies. It’s time to be proactive and take charge of your health. We provide convenient payment arrangements and financing because there’s no better investment than your health. 
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